Privacy concerns about logging email accounts on apps

If I log into an email account on an email app, what information does the email provider know about my device?

For example, I log in to the same AOL account at:
Gmail App on an Android phone,
Outlook App on a Windows computer,
Apple Mail App on a Mac,
Thunderbird App on a Linux computer,
What does AOL know about my device? And what invasion of privacy does this cause?

Looking forward to reply, thanks for the help.

They will know app and device, timezone, ip. Fairemail allows to disable/spoof sending such data. Not sure if it good/bad really, but I guess they have some analysis of how people access their servers and could use those data somehow maybe? Anyway that is also a question to paranoia level. Use more trustworthy provider? My provider claims to not store those data, mostly IP only and for 24h.

Thank you very much for your patient reply. I would like to ask if they can obtain the IMEI of my device like an App installed directly on my device, which can uniquely identify a device?

No need to worry about IP because I am connected to VPN 24/7😎