Privacy and snowflake browser extension

Every time someone mentions browser extensions, the same (valid) arguments are raised: extensions make you more fringerprintable and they increase your attack surface. I think I get those points.
However, do they (or how much do they) apply to the Snowflake browser extension to run a snowflake proxy? Since I am not sure how it sure, I can’t say whether it is fingerprintable; as it does seem like it changes anything in the code of your pages, it should not, right? If so, does that mean that it could even be run on Mullvad Browser (where, evidently, changing your configuration is supposed to be a big no-no).
EDIT: just read that it requires WebRTC enabled, which can be a privacy issue, right? Isn’t it disabled by default with Arkenfox?

You can use the snowflake website as mentioned on PG. On firefox, you can also ‘pin tabs’ making it easy to keep it open

If only I could read…

We don’t recommend installing Snowflake as a browser extension;

Still, WebRTC needs to be enabled, right? Privacy issue?

Can I have a link?

Links for various browsers are on the project’s page:


Oh, you mean that snowflake. That’s good! Thank you for running such things! It is making internet better!

It depends on your threat model. Snowflake and many other programs use WebRTC to work, but WebRTC can also be used to fingerprint your system. I run Snowflake in my hardened FF setup since I’m in an uncensored country and my threat model is just big business going after low hanging fruit. If you’re in a censored country Snowflake won’t be helpful to anyone, or if your threat model involves tracking where WebRTC would cause an issue for you then you’d have to evaluate the pros/cons individually.

Thanks @aeromatter. I think I’m in a similar situation – not censored country, use of hardened FF and threat model focused on big business, not law enforcement. I haven’t yet enabled WebRTC. How much of a risk is it for privacy? I fail to have a sufficient understanding of the implication to make a good decision.

When it comes to privacy the two main risks with WebRTC are your IP being leaked and that being associated with your browser fingerprint. To see what info it can provide you could check here: WebRTC Leak Test - BrowserLeaks

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Thanks. Since I have a VPN always on, leaking the IP should not be an issue. So… all good, then?