PriEco: New open source web search engine

Introducing PriEco: New private and eco-friendly web search engine!

PriEco ( is a result of my work to create a fully private search engine that also promotes ecological values.

Privacy Highlights:

PriEco never tracks or profiles you.
It’s open source: JojoYou/PriEco: PriEco is a new search engine powered by Google, Bing and Mojeek. It is focused on Privacy, Security and Ecology. - PriEco - with AGPL v3 or later license:
Minimal use of JavaScript, limited to search suggestions and a clear button.
You have the option to disable JavaScript entirely in the settings.

Security Features:

Enable the “Hide query” setting to prevent searches from appearing in your browsing history.
Hashed IP addresses are stored temporarily for attack prevention and are deleted automatically after one hour, ensuring your real IP address is not stored.

Index Providers:

PriEco uses Google for web results and Bing for images.
Additionally, I’m developing my own index, which you can explore here: or at the bottom of the page of search results.


PriEco is hosted on servers powered by wind energy.
PriEcos crawler, software responsible for finding websites for PriEco’s index, operates on solar energy.
In the future, I plan to allocate a portion of PriEcos profit to charitable activities.

Thanks for the project. Wanted to checkout but the website js returning “Error 500”


Hello, Neo.

Thank you for the feedback. I have never tried Vivaldi before and wasn’t aware of this issue.

Nonetheless, as soon as I woke up I debugged this error and fixed it. You should be able to try it now.


I like the design! Beautiful ! But you should consider using your own adserver in the future.

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Thank you!

Sure, I will build my ad server, but for now PriEco is too small to attract advertisers.

Right now there are a-ads ads, they are very privacy-friendly, so I decided to give them a try.


How can I remove this banner ?

It needed to be manually turned on in settings.

Just go to settings and turn off these

“Show time” setting turned on is your problem.

Then it needs to be saved at the top of the settings

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Hello, just letting you all know that PriEco got a new big update:


  • Wikipedia: Redesign, more information, only one call to Wikipedia (before 2-3)
  • “Summarized” picks some interesting information from Wikipedia articles
  • News and YouTube: shows them between web results already together with Reddit and “Related searches”
  • UI fixes: Reddit layout tend to break, and other small improvements.

Added widgets!



-IP lookup

-Random number generator



-Added images from Google
-Less cellular usage than Google
-Faster loading speed


-own map, no more redirect to third party map

Home page shortcuts


Not gonna lie, this is looking pretty great. I’m going to try it out tomorrow!

Keep up the good work!


Thank you!

Have a great time with it tomorrow, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


The settings don’t seem to stick when using Brave on Android. I enable hide query (which should probably be enabled by default) and I search for something and then the query is still shown in the URL and the setting is back to being untoggled.

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Have you clicked “Save” at the top of the Setting bar?

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I have not. I didn’t even notice that button.

I guess it’s bedtime for me!

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Happened to me on the first try too.

I have seen the button, then went on to change what I wanted and totally forgot the existence of the Save button on top.

Wouldn’t it be better to be on the bottom? After all, we scroll down through all the settings but then we have to scroll all the way up again to save. It messes with the flow.

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@Ganther @landordragen
Thanks to both for feedback.

Yes, you are right, apologize, it is bad design, and it should save as soon as you change each setting, will work on it!

It isn’t too important, but the “Save” button stays at one place on screen when you have opened settings. I don’t understand why you need to scroll all the way up. As I said, it isn’t important.

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Maybe it’s something on my end, the fact that the button disappears.

Other than that, I will conduct my searches on it for the next few days and provide a more detailed feedback for you, in the optic of the user only.


Thank you, your feedback is valuable to me.

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@JojoYou Maybe you should consider having separate forums for discussions relating to PriEco that don’t relate to its addition to Privacy Guides.

It would be easier for both you and the user to have a centralised place to discuss PriEco as well as report issues and suggestions, as well as not fill up this discussion with bug reports and content unrelated to Privacy Guides.


Hello :wave:, it’s true that I currently don’t have a dedicated forum for discussing issues and suggestions. However, I have other channels where we can chat:

Discord server: JojoYou
Users can even chat with me on Session: 0545c64f1d46275058b0b7846c67e8de8aec24bb3ca9f140568eb24ad973919065

While I do have plans to establish a forum in the future, I think that it won’t be used much at the moment. However, I would love to discuss here topics related to adding PriEco to Privacy Guides.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything related to PriEco and Privacy Guides, please feel free to start a chat.


I just have a quick question, how do you plan on making money? It seems there is no business model right now