Preinstalled software on a laptop (Kaspersky)

A friend got a new laptop and it came with windows and a pre-installed trial version of kaspersky and a yandex browser. I’m guessing that’s how all laptops come since she claims it was completely new. I wonder if it’s better to reinstall windows from scratch or just uninstall kaspersky/yandex.

What do you mean by “extra drivers”?

Sometimes extra drivers are recommended to be installed in order to improve hardware compatibility or access certain features of the hardware.

I think windows automatically detect all required drivers on a fresh install or at least that was the case for me when I did a fresh install from a usb drive.

Perhaps, its been a while since I used windows. According to this, there might be a few additional drivers to install such as for the graphics card


She is right, many laptop vendors add their crap software and antiviruses like McAfee.

Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind!

Does it imply that the laptop is compromised? I remember McAfee on my new laptops, but I just uninstalled them and moved on, but then I see this and wonder.

I see, thank you!

You can use one of the following commands to back up all the drivers before reinstalling.

dism /online /export-driver /destination: “Path of destination folder.”
pnputil /export-driver * “full path of folder”

Bloatware is not accepted. No matter how and what.
New computer = new installation
No matter whether Windows or Linux

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Yes. To install all of them back:

pnputil /add-driver “full path of folder\*.inf” /subdirs /install /reboot​