Playlet privacy frontend for Youtube on Roku

I would like to suggest playlet be added to the frontends recommendations.

There’s a cliché about how a lot of open source software is "Made with ♡" . This project in particular is not .
Playlet was created out of spite , because I believe I have watched enough back-to-back, unskippable Youtube ads for a lifetime.

Roku is incredibly invasive and bad for privacy (tons of data collection). Roku and any apps that are to be used exclusively by it should NOT be on the recommendations list imo

Totally fair! My thinking is that Roku is an extremely popular device and something that may be a necessary evil (in that even privacy respecting folks may find themselves having to deal with one or more in their household) so having some privacy frontend options might be nice.


That’s a totally valid point that I also had in mind, but perhaps it would be better as an addendum or as a clearly indicated fallback option? Otherwise, it might seem like PG is endorsing Roku use.

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In the case of frontends, in general, the goal is essentially to take something we acknowledge is shitty and privacy invasive and make it a little less invasive and shitty. Usually that is with respect to the service itself (e.g. youtube, tiktok, twitter), but I don’t see why the same reasoning can’t apply to the OS. Basically harm reduction. Recommending a frontend that can be used on a Roku Device is not the same as recommending Roku itself.

I agree, I think it is a valuable option to have available as a harm reduction method, particularly since Roku is now the pre-installed OS on many smart TVs)

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That’s fair, as long as it is clearly indicated that the frontend will not protect your from the OS spying and that Roku is bad for privacy, i think that this wouldn’t be a bad addition…

It is definitely something everyone should understand (and applies to more than just Roku. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple operating systems for example). I am sure Roku is shit with respect to privacy, but then so is virtually every other smart TV OS that I am aware of. If there were enough interest, I wonder if a custom Android or Linux smart TV OS is possible (for the device itself, I know that it is possible with a separate device).

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I looked into it a while ago. Apparently some streaming services limit the quality of video on browser (Netflix limits it to 720p on browser for example), and only through apps can you get the higher quality. But they have to make the apps and they only do so on approved platforms. The closest thing to what you mentioned that i found was Kodi.