Phone connecting to 'suspicious' domains

The domain in question are and A quick search on licelus gives you the necessary information on the service provided by the org, which is threat analysing for mobile applications. I had not noticed this domain before and it does not look malicious, but decided to post this to see if others may know more.

Licel is a company that offers security by code obfuscation, aka security by obscurity. They also do offer some services that do device and code integrity checks.

I block this in my blocklist: blocklist/blocklist.txt at da23d4f5de97f79ba6ef2ceb3012b74f8a3e935b · ph00lt0/blocklist · GitHub

Never heard of anyone experiencing issues by just blocking the domain.

If you are on android you could try using pcapdroid app and monitor network traffic of your phone. It should display the specific app which is connecting to this suspicious domain.
If its an app you don’t trust , you should consider removing the app altogether than blocking just the domain.
I am not sure if this domain is really malicious or fishy but certainly the network capture with pcapdroid should help you do a detailed analysis of it.