Brave Browser on iOS contact advertising domains even when Brave Ads not on. What do you think?

I viewed the App Privacy Report. Brave repeatedly contacted[.]com (28 times) and[.]com (27 times) in the past week, despite being configured according to PrivacyGuides recommendation, with all telemetry, Brave Rewards and Brave News were off.

Is this normal behavior? Is Brave for iOS still safe to use?

Brave does pings some domain to update their in-built ads blocklist and some extenstion component related domains are pinged.
On android i regularly see , , , , being pinged. But these domains are understandable from usability persepctive.

But the domains you mentioned , haven’t been in my logs.
Are these related to brave search ? maybe you can check for any telemetry relating to it.

No I have not used Brave search at any point in the past week, and was not in the log.

Brave did also contact which I believe is updating the filter list. But the * domains seem fishy.

Some other domains like and were also contacted, even though I have Rewards off.

AFAIK returns a list of sites where brave will show monetarized apps. Not really an issue for privacy IMHO.

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