Pf rules (murus firewall)

Couldn’t find that information on Lemmy groups, so I’m asking here. I know it’s not privacy-privacy per se, but I figured someone might have an idea to point me in the right direction.
I have been learning to use Murus ( on the fly but am hitting a wall about torrent. Basically, I am trying to block everything unless it’s accepted.
From what I understand for torrent, connections are made by my computer on a single port (I think), and connect to a whole bunch of servers on a whole bunch of ports.
I figured the way to do this was to create an outbound policy for all ports, and then restricting this (via “custom”) to the single port of departure from my computer.
However, that does not seem to work: when Murus is enabled, torrenting does not work; when Murus is disabled, torrenting works.
Any ideas?