PCS Mastercard. Virtual credit cards in France

I found a service named PCS. It allows to create virtual cards.
It’s known to be used by scammers when they ask victims to buy coupons and give them the code. But this feature can be useful. These coupons can be bought with cash at any tobacconist.
What do you think about it ?

I don’t see how that could be privacy helping, they require KYC and phone activation.

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I know, that because of the laws. This is why with this we need a service that we fully trust.
What I want from a service like this is a credit card that can be disabled whenever I want and that can’t go under zero. So if my card gets stolen, the stealer doesn’t get direct access to my main bank account.

That’s the definition of every single prepaid card, any bank can provide one.

Well, you’re right. It’s better to only trust one entity than having to trust 2.