PasswordCard (Analog Password Manager)

Saw this over on lemmy and thought it was an interesting idea for people who either do no trust regular password managers or people who, in general, do not like using computers. Would be interested to see other people opinions or experiences with this.

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Ive been using (with that order):

  • LastPass
  • 1Password
  • Bitwarden
  • ProtonPass

Ive used first two for more than 2 years each. Last two Im using simultanously, BW from 4 years and ProtonPass from 2 months. I like BitWarden more, so will not use ProtonPass any longer.

Never heard of passwordcard…

EDIT: Ive checked their website and found that they have russian version. So will never use it.

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Password managers are cheap and very easy to use. This is a recipe for disaster trying to remember which line is for which site.


I am not so sure about that. You could just split your passwords into catagories and assign 1 password to each catagory.

For example all banking related password will be yellow :slight_smile: reminds me of looking up plays as a QB in football.

All of a sudden you only have to remember 3 or 4 of those, which will probably less then the length of most master passwords.

Is it as secure? No. Still better then a notepad with everything written down.

If you want to use it, feel free.
I can’t think of a single reason to use this.

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Fair enough - there is a reason I did not mark this as a tool suggestion :slight_smile:

I do find it interesting though. I think just like there is a need for non pixel alternatives for people starting their privacy journey, I could see this filling a need for the ludite crowd who maybe do not understand or trust password managers like this community does.

is the availability of the russian language a valid reason to avoid using it?


@bbq for me, yes, its enough…


…Unless you support RF and their war against Ukraine.

Good luck storing your passkeys, pgp keys, totp secrets etc, in that :smiley:

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Once again, Russians != Russian government. You can’t blame someone based on where they are born, that’s just silly.

Also for your information. There are many countries besides Russia where people speak Russian. As a matter of fact also in several parts of Ukraine. If you want to help those people to protect their information, perhaps having that language is a good thing. Think about it.


then avoid using your OS, browser, and other apps as they often support multiple languages, including Russian

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(moving to Tool Suggestions anyways to keep things organized)

Oh no. PrivacyGuides has a Russian version. Guess i’ll delete my forum account then.

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I know the best practices for password manager and already use them. But its soo hard to convert people to that system. Nobody in the whole extended family is interested. I guess ill take any middle ground somewhere with paper if it was good enough. I wont be able to sell that one, but you nevwr know if there are other good ideas lurking around.

Yes. Feels like the first comment where someone understood what the target of this site is.

Basically this.

Is this an attack or ? :thinking:

No, sorry :slight_smile:

I literally meant it as you seem to understand what the website was getting at.

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