Paid cloud computer backup

Any good ?
Open source and claims to be envrypted

It looks good that all of your files are encrypted in your computer and they are open source.

are you sure it is secure?

Obviously I am not sure it is secure, I am only sure that encrypting files in your computer and being open source looks good.

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is it possible every open source can b not secure?

Yes, just because it is open source does not automatically mean it is secure.

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We back up your entire computer to the cloud for $12 / month. No hidden fees or price tiers. All of your files. For the price of a couple cups of coffee. Your privacy, guaranteed.

Yikes, no thanks. Cloud hosting also known as hosted on someone else’s computer. If you want to backup your files to a cloud provider, place them into VeraCrypt containers and then upload the containers. Use a password and key files and/or a hardware key to decrypt the containers. You never know whether the files are really gone after deletion, so it’s better to be safe than sorry in the event of Harvest now, decrypt later or should your password somehow be compromised.

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At first glance their webapp looks like from around year 2000. Nothing bad in it; just saying.

Thats correct.