Paaster - End-to-end encrypted pastebin

Paaster is a secure and user-friendly pastebin application that prioritizes privacy and simplicity. With end-to-end encryption and paste history, Paaster ensures that your pasted code remains confidential and accessible.

Seems like a nice alternative to PrivateBin.


Imported from #2015:

Sure, obviously these will be somewhat subjective.


  • Secret transportation.
  • Delete after view.
  • Delete after X amount of time.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Deploying via docker.
  • CLI Tool.
  • “Zero trust” end-to-end encryption.
  • Password protection.


  • Modern encryption algorithm (XChaCha20-Poly1305 using libsodium a audited & battle tested lib).
  • Paste history.
  • PWA support.
  • Modern Javascript, written with Typescript using Svelte. PrivateBin can be a bit of a mess.
  • Frontend & backend code separation (Paaster’s frontend can easily be ran on a separate server then the backend).
  • Arguably a more straightforward interface.
  • Doesn’t expose the format of the paste unlike PrivateBin.
  • Discussions in PrivateBin aren’t encrypted (not a feature of Paaster, but personally think its better not included then included but insecure.)
  • Vercel support.


  • Currently no i18n support.
  • PrivateBin is more battle tested.
  • PrivateBin supports file uploads.
  • PrivateBin supports theming.
  • PrivateBin has more extensive documentation.
  • Less hosted instances then PrivateBin.
  • Use of IndexedDB, as mentioned here.

I do think PrivateBin is a great project & Paaster does share a lot of similarities with it. But personally I think Paaster has a radically different design, with more of a focus on simplicity & speed of use.

Personally some concerns I have with PrivateBin is how tightly integrated the frontend is with the backend, to the point that it uses PHP templating, making it extremely easy for the host to inject malicious code. I’d like to think the hosted instance at “” is a bit more transparent being built directly from the public Github repo via Vercel.


This sounds pretty convincing, I’ll have to look at this a bit more later.

I do have to say I like being able to manually type/edit things before saving, which seems impossible on Paaster, but maybe I just use pastebins weird.


Yea that was more of a design choice.

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Just a update on Paaster

We now have a terms of service & privacy policy what represents our service better

Terms of service
Privacy policy

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Greetings, with the completion of Add criteria for pastebin services by mfwmyfacewhen · Pull Request #2165 · privacyguides/ · GitHub, thought I’d bump this discussion.

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There is also which is not just code pasting service.


This require it’s own thread instead of hijacking the one for Paaster.