Opinions on INVISV Relay?

What do you guys think about INVISV Relay? And about INVISV and their partner Fastly in general.

Should people consider switching to it from VPN’s?

Not sure if this an advertisement but the question, while vague for someone that was previously unfamiliar with the product, prompted me to try out the free tier.

It seems interesting with the network layer abstraction. I also noticed it won’t work on Android if you already have wireguard enabled. In theory, it works better at protecting your identity online though. In not sure about the reality. If INVISV are also blocking all the tracking crap and making it so you don’t need to worry about selections on tracking cookie prompts inherently with the tech then that would be a huge W.

Seems maybe more proof of the two companies being independent of one another is needed and open sourcing will be a huge improvement. They say they are working on it.

Note that IMEI exists and their random IMSI’s are not doing much as you can just track IMEI and they cannot change them.

The way they decouple subscriber identities from paying customers however is interesting.

What is concerning here is that neither of their apps have been updated in 6+ months.


Relay is just their multi-hop VPN, not their SIM service.

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Ah right excuse me for the mix up!