Opinions about xSearch for Safari iOS

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using a Safari extension called xSearch to change my default search engine and also used to change Reddit.com to old.reddit.
‎xSearch for Safari on the App Store
Since iOS 17 the app changed permission requirements and now it must have full access to browsing history.
Although the developer states that no data is collected from the extention and that the permission is only used for the current website, I still stopped using the app.

I really liked using this extension and there are also no other alternatives.

What do you guys think? Should I keep using it ?

why not just use brave… and use redlib instead of old reddit,which is awful to use on a mobile screen

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The only reason I don’t use Brave on iOS is iCloud private relay, I also think PG recommends using Safari.

Hmm… having private relay does change things… u sure there are no alternatives?