New powerful Mullvad browser feature

This doesn’t seem to have gotten much attention but the Mullvad VPN addon (enabled by default) can now change Proxy location per website. So you can give new location to sites to break the linkage between your different activities ! Pretty good.

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I don’t think this is new, you can already do this in the early days of Mullvad Browser, right? But still, it’s a great feature nonetheless.

I’m curious to learn more about this. Where did you read/learn about this? I see the ability to set a global proxy, but I can’t find an option for per site proxies.

I was prompted on the Mullvad Browser to allow it to update permissions, including allow it to read site data. This is so it can know the website you are supposed. When you grant the permissions, then there is an option for a global proxy or always proxy trough a specific proxy location.


Thanks! Turns out I just needed to update the extension. I see it now.


Are these things only Mullvad clients can do, or something everyone can do?

The Mullvad Browser Extension is made specifically to work with Mullvad VPN proxies.

This should work if you use a service based on Mullvad VPN, like Mozilla VPN for example.

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Understood. In this case the title should be about the Mullvad browser extension (with Mullvad VPN) and not about the browser.