New feature: introduces S/MIME in the webmailer

What are your thoughts? I have been a fan of mailbox even prior to my reintroduction to it via Privacy Guides.

Does S/MIME offer much notably?


Not particularly. S/MIME is very rarely used outside of some business settings, probably less than even PGP among regular/personal users.

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I actually think S/MIME is quite neat. It has a lot of advantages and I actually receive quite some mail from organisations that use it.
I used to create s/mime certificates but since moving to proton I stopped doing so. I still wish it would be more widely adopted.

It would need something like Let’s Encrypt for S/MIME. But even then, if people actually would want to encrypt or sign emails they could just use PGP for free and they’re not doing that. Maybe if WKD would be supported by all major email providers, that would make more of a dent. They should make a push for this.

Actalis has free S/MIME certs:

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