Mailbox offer a complete office suite thanks to OX backend. The Mailbox Guard key can be used to encrypt already existing files or create new files encrypted from the start. Available from plan of €3.

Any thoughts on that? Mailbox is already trusted as a email service provider

I wonder if @dngray has any experience with this already, or if we should check it out?

Having used this office suite it’s…okay. It’s basically a pre-existing office suite that they licensed and integrated. The user experience is so-so and it is noticeably slower than Google Docs or native office applications.

Overall I enjoy (and still use) Mailbox for their email services, but I’ve found the rest of their feature set to be half-baked. They really aren’t doing a lot of extra customization or improvements on top of the default OX Drive experience, and there end up being a lot of weird and awkward UX seams because of it.


I’ve used it for creating simple spreadsheets, but only because I already have Mailbox open in web browser. The office suite and Drive feel like a bonus features for Mail, I wouldn’t put much value on them. During the half decade of being a customer, very little development has happened with them.


According to this blogpost, they are working on improvements, to be release this year. So fingers crossed.