New Doctorow book may complement pro-privacy actions we do

Doctorow is publishing another a thing:

“The Internet Con: How to Seize the Means of Computation”

More about what’s in it:

Bits from the link:

The Internet Con isn’t just an analysis of where enshittification comes from: it’s a detailed, shovel-ready policy prescription for halting enshittification, throwing it into reverse and bringing back the old, good internet.

How do we do that? With interoperability: the ability to plug new technology into those crapulent, decaying platform.

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no clue to what this is. eli5 me and why should i care?

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Cory Doctorow is an author with some books that advocate against surveillance, *involved with EFF, etc. He does other things but not sure what off top of my head. I just finished reading Little Brother, starting Homeland soon.

Thanks OP for posting, I had no idea. Grabbed a signed copy.

I subscribe to Libro so might get the audiobook with a credit instead.


@purplecactus Glad that this thread was useful. I became interested when I stumbled across the blog post myself. I haven’t kept up with Doctorow, though I also think Little Brother was worth the time reading.

There could be a book club thread on this forum when the book gets released in September.