Need help bypassing forgotten private key passphrase

I am in DIRE need of assistance

To be brief, the original PGP key I made to log in to Incognito Market through Kleopatra, I have lost the passphrase required to decrypt the 2FA message prompted after logging in. I still have both the public and private key. I have found the revocation key as well. For some reason, I cannot upload the rev key to my keychain or the server so that I can upload my new one. The original Tails USB i made the key pair on got corrupted. I have around $150 in Monero on there and I would very much like so to utilize it. I can login, but I get stuck at the 2FA screen. I believe I stored the passphrase on a KeePass, saved to the original Tails USB. If anyone can help me get back into my Incog account, I would be more than grateful and reward you in some way. I’ve tried using the terminal. I am out of options and knowledge to fix this error.

Not possible, you’ll need the original passphrase. The passphrase decrypts the private PGP key, without it, you can’t access the PGP key.

This is why backups are important, SDcards and USB sticks are not known for reliability.

Unless you have some access to the passphrase recovery won’t be possible.

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@dngray, you mean to tell me even tho I’ve the revocation certificate and BOTH KEYS, I still will never be able to revoke the public key from the server in which it is stored to update it to a recent keypair I do have the capability to decrypt and sign with??

A revocation certificate simply tells everyone the key has been compromised, it won’t grant access to the PGP key. The public key is not encrypted, you simply can’t update it because that requires access to the private key (which is encrypted on your device with that passphrase).

A new keypair won’t be able to help you with decrypting messages that were encrypted with the old one.

okay, ive a screenshot i took of the sso token… is there any way i could use this to bypass the 2fa and upload a new keypair?? if not, how would i go about cracking the passphrase?

Unless you can remove all 2FA that’s not going to help.

That generally isn’t possible without a once-use backup code of some sort.