Can't delete WebAuthn FIDO2 key


I reset one of my yubikey, I renrolled it again here, but I can’t delete the old one.
Got this error : An error occurred: param is missing or the value is empty: second_factor_target

I have 3 keys (4 with the old key) on Try to delete TOTP, it works well.
I’m on edge on W11, and on vanadium on android, if that matters?


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Can confirm, issue is still present. I pinged @jonah about this.

I forgot to update my topic: I managed later to delete my key.
The error still appears, but if you click on the “little pencil” to edit the key, there is also an option to delete the key, and it works.

I tried to remove keys, it looks like they get deleted but they still work and when you login again they are also present in the list

Even through “Edit Physical Security Key”?

By deleting directly from the interface where there are all the keys, it did that to me too.
But deleting from the edit key, I didn’t have this problem. It deleted well and didn’t come back.

Capture d'écran_20230217_135239

oh seems to be right, still a bug that should be addressed.

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Weird. Should be fixed now (by removing the delete button lol).