Mullvad Using Gmail

These are mostly compliance things and this agreement would also cost a lot of money. A support address for a VPN provider is mostly going to be dealing with people who are having trouble with getting connected, or asking about billing queries perhaps.

In any case Mullvad has always had a PGP key.

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Marking as rejected, since we are not making any changes to the site as a result of this.

My 2 cents.

  • Email is an inherently insecure mode of communication and it is expected that a privacy conscious person would know that.
  • You can just use PGP to become platform agnostic w.r.t security for email.
  • Finally - You do not need to email Mullvad to use their service so it’s not really a security concern.

Seems they actually listened also and the issue has been solved.


While we can’t be exactly sure what kind of account the team is using, it is worth noting that Google did introduce end-to-end encryption for some Google Workspace key users. Again, we don’t know if this is the case for them or not, but it is worth acknowledging.

It would be great to see them drop Google.


Off topic and irrelevant. GSE would not be e2ee in any way for people who reach out to mullvad given they aren’t Google workspace users.
And again, they already ditched google…

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