Mullvad Leta account requirement changed

Mullvad Leta appears to have been updated to only require that the search come from a Mullvad VPN IP address instead of requiring that a valid account number be entered. As it was made on the basis that searches could be tied to individual Mullvad accounts, does this change affect the current Mullvad Leta anti-recommendation? Or is correlation still a concern simply due to the fact that Mullvad controls both services?


Probably yes.

Probably. I mean, I guess so.

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Pinging @jonah since he had the most to say on this topic previously (in this thread).

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Hm, that is a neat update (i.e. definitely what they should’ve done in the first place). It’s technically still the same problem as before though, with the same entity controlling your entry into the network and having access to your search queries simultaneously.

I don’t think Mullvad is correlating this information (like they weren’t before either), but there’s also no technical barriers in place to stop them either :thinking:

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Neat change. I was not comfortable putting my account number every time I want to do a quick search.

I don’t know if this was previously mentioned but you can use Mullvad through Tailscale AND use Leta now. This eliminates one of the downsides of using Mullvad through Tailscale.