MSI Center alternative

Hi, due to the privacy policy of MSI center, what are some alternatives for it? I’m looking specifically for a replacement of Mystic Light (for managing the backlight of my keyboard), Gaming Mode (does this actually add any performance during games, or I can change all the settings in-game?) and User Scenario (for switching automatically performance when I launch a game for instance). Thanks!

I already got this recommandation for Mystic Light:

Would that be the best tool? Also, I don’t have any reco. for the Gaming Mode and User Scenario.

OpenRGB may work for controlling the backlight. As far as the “gaming mode” goes, I genuinely have no idea what it does, but it looks like you can just toggle it by pressing the Fn & Windows key together, without needing the software.


So here’s more details on what MSI Center says for Gaming Mode and User Scenario.

Gaming Mode :

MSI Gaming Mode Provides auto-tuning function for the game you are playing with the best possible visual & audio lighting setting and brings you a superior gaming experience!

The following functions can be set in game customization to turn ON/OFF:

  • System Performance : Switch to Extreme Performance mode, free up memory and prioritize your game to ensure the best performance.

  • True Color: Switch True Color to Gamer mode for the best visual experience.

  • Game Highlights: Record the best moments in the game for you to review or share. [I don't need this one].

  • Touchpad disabled: disable the touchpad for palm resistance [I don't need this one.]

  • Mystic Light: Show Hotkey Lighting or Game Sense on Per Key RGB Keyboard for the best game experience [I don't need this either as mystic light and OpenRGB would seem to do the trick on separate software].

So basically, it would be system performance and true color. I’m not even sure what true color is, but it sounds nice lol :stuck_out_tongue:

User Scenario :

  • Smart Auto: switching to optimize user mode via MSI AI Engine automatically. [There's an additional setting where you can configure when MSI center needs to switch to Super Battery Mode. Also, you can link specific app to when MSI center need to switch to Extreme Performance.]

  • Extreme Performance: The best system performance for multi-tasking and heavy duty. [There's an additional setting where you can adjust the fans and overclock the GPU.]

  • Balanced: The best system settings that MSI recommends.

  • Silent: The quietest system under the ambient noise.

  • Super Battery : The longest possible battery life.

I’m not sure what all of these settings really do in the background. Is it switching windows settings or other settings somewhere else?

Also, I’m not sure if those are extra settings or if I could just switch the settings of each game individually.

I’m not sure where to find that information either.

Thanks for the help!


I don’t have any MSI laptops so I cannot say what exactly this option does but I imagine the most impactful thing will be switching to performance mode, which you should be able to do from Windows. If not, maybe poke around in your UEFI, there’s usually some toggles related to it.

The automatic performance/power-saving mode is possible to do within Windows. Maybe it’s even enabled by default, I don’t remember.

Again, I do not own anything from MSI, so take this with a grain of salt, but I suspect it just increases saturation, contrast and enables HDR (If your screen supports it). I recommend not enabling this (other than HDR), unless you’re an enthusiast of awful looking cheap televisions.

If I were you, I would just uninstall it. Nothing seems worthwhile, except the RGB control, which you should hopefully be able to do with OpenRGB.


Thanks, I will flag this as the solution unless someone with a MSI computer can provide other insights.

Anyone with MSI laptop can provide some insights?

I’d be nice to have a non-intrusive program do the auto-switching for me automatically.

I can no longer flag @qwq post as the solution, but that will be the answer for now. Thanks!