Mention Wayland-based window managers

In the ‘Linux overview’ knowledge base page. It says:

We recommend against using desktop environments or window managers that do not have Wayland support, such as Cinnamon (default on Linux Mint), Pantheon (default on Elementary OS), MATE, Xfce, and i3.

But it’s not mentioned that some window managers are compatible with Wayland. This is the case for ‘Sway’ and ‘Hyprland’.

These are Wayland compositors, and therefore compatible with Wayland.

In my opinion, the quote I mentioned could lead people to believe that all existing window managers in the Linux world are incompatible with Wayland. In fact, most are not, but not all.

So I’d like to say that I’d like you to mention at least these two window managers in the quote I mentioned. These window managers are interesting because they provide users advanced customization, and therefore total control with the advantages of Wayland compared with X11.


From the linux overview section.
Linux Overview Wayland section

Fortunately, common environments such as GNOME, KDE, and the window manager Sway have support for Wayland. Some distributions like Fedora and Tumbleweed use it by default, and some others may do so in the future as X11 is in hard maintenance mode. If you’re using one of those environments it is as easy as selecting the “Wayland” session at the desktop display manager (GDM, SDDM).

This section seems to mention sway, No mention of hyprland, but it does seem there is some mention of atleast one wayland window manager. :man_shrugging:

It does mention Sway. At the time that article was written Sway was really the only window manager that was stable as it was the first one developed by Drew Devault along with wlroots.

Hyperland is still relatively new by comparison, (first comment was March 2022). No distribution ships with it as default environment (we mention Sericea under the Fedora listing).

Sway still seems like the most well established and prominent Window Manager that supports wayland but it is not the only one.

Apart from Hyprland, there is also Wayfire which has been around for at least a couple years (I’ve never used it personally, but I believe that at least one distro–Garuda Linux–has a wayfire spin)

I just submitted a short pull request with slightly updated language that acknowledges that there is more than one WM that supports Wayland