Mention that Prepaid/Gift cards may not work internationally

Mention at page

And for Prepaid card make sure you are not in restricted country.

List of restricted countries:

I feel like the sections about finance/cards are mostly written for US or at best, Europe/1st-world countries?

In my 3rd-world country, no it’s not “relatively simple” to buy gift cards and prepaid cards at groceries stores or convenience stores. Disposable cards are even more difficult to find one.

Unfortunately it’s not through lack of trying. It does not seem like other countries are willing to be as lax with their financial privacy standards/laws as the United States is, so it’s kind of a unique benefit in that regard.

Services like are certainly not legal in the EU for example. Of course if you know of better things to add let us know.

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I mean, it’s about how it’s written there confused me at first the most. In page, it already says where the services be at.

In the prepaid/gift cards, when I first read it. I was like “what… since when I can buy gift cards or prepaid cards at grocery stores that easily? Is it everywhere or is it in 1st-world countries?”

A lot of asian countries use .com instead of their national prefix though.

Ah sorry, I should’ve been clearer. I didn’t mean home page. I meant PG’s Financial Services page

Since the page there writes clearly which countries those services work at, I can just ignore them since I’m not in those countries.

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