MAC address randomizer for POP!_OS


Does anyone know of a tool that’ll automatically randomize my mac address when I connect to Wi-Fi from my Pop os device?

I know that I can manually change it from the settings once I connect to a network, but I often have to connect to public networks and want it to be randomized right when I connect and preferably automatically.


I don’t think you need a tool, I think you just need to enable a couple of settings in network manager (assuming Pop! uses NetworkManager like most distros do).


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(bit off topic but)

I was considering buying

How is Pop OS from Privacy and Security Standpoint?

their computers are overpriced, have soldered ram, and often feature NVIDIA chipsets which require proprietary drivers on Linux.

They also charge way too much for RAM, that link has +32GB for an extra $175… but same speed 32GB modules, go for around $80.

Pop OS is OK, but it is still just Ubuntu.

I’ve been personally happy with MSI laptops recently, typing this from an $800 Ryzen 5800H 64GB RAM laptop that obliterates that Lemur Pro. Linux works perfectly despite not being a “Linux laptop”. And you can enable transparent system memory encryption in the UEFI.

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How is the battery and weight/ portability?

I second that! Why use an external tool when your OS already has that!

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I will make a counter argument that they are no. Building support for Linux does cost money in time and labor, which needs to me accounted at on the cost of the machine.

A windows machine generally costs less because their manufacturer can water down the cost of support per machine on the fact that they will sell more volume, this also applies to the initial cost of the hardware cheaper.

Another thing that makes System76 computers more expensive is the fact that their staff is USA base vs Taiwan or China where other manufacturers are.

After that, I agree with everything else you said, but if @lepras values having manufacturer’s support and not having to worry about drivers, System76 shouldn’t be a bad choice.

Pop!_OS is fine/good in terms of privacy (about the same as almost every other Linux distro, including it’s upstreams Ubuntu and Debian).

Pop!_OS is a reasonably decent choice, but when it comes to security is a bit weaker than its upstreams (Ubuntu, Debian partially) or the distros recommended by Privacy Guides) when it comes to security. Its not horribly insecure or anything, only differs in a few areas, and is moving in the right direction, but the distros PG currently recommends and Pop!'s direct upstream Ubuntu have better defaults with respect to security at this current moment in time. (specific examples of where Pop! falls short of these alternatives are : they use X11 by default, secure boot is not easy to setup / not officially supported)

Thank you so much!

The thing is that this site assumes the user knows how to create a file via terminal and where to create it, but I have no clue.

If anyone can help me here I’d really appreciate it. :pray::pray::pray:

What I want is that every time I connect to a Wi-Fi my mac address should be randomized. Because I have to connect to public Wi-Fi all the time, and I don’t want to be tracked.

Settings > Network > Connection (Wired/Wireless) > Hamburger > Identity > Cloned address > Random > Apply

Not that exact path, but that concept is available, but only for individual Wi-Fi connections, I can’t set it as the global default.

Thanks :pray::pray:

ubuntu is not private lol, just wanted to know if this downstream is similar to mint as they removed all the bloat / telemetry.

Ubuntu doesn’t have the same amount of telemetry than Windows.


I think you have been misinformed, Ubuntu like most Linux distros is reasonably private. In what specific concrete and current ways do you feel that it is not?

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They’re probably referring to the ancient Amazon lens thing in their Unity DE like 10 years ago which people keep bringing up. The only recent thing is how snaps work (i.e., you must use their proprietary snap store)

Otherwise it’s literally just another Linux distro with regards to privacy


I feel old

In tech, 10 years is ancient

in crypto a month is ancient. :sob: :sob:

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