Changing MAC address

Hello all. Can anyone suggest a simple, open source preferred, MAC address spoofer? Would like to not default on reboot. I ran across technitium but it’s from 2014, and most of the ones I’ve found change router MACs. Running Windows 10 desktop, no router, direct CAT cable from modem to laptop. Thanks.

Windows 10 already has a mac address randomization

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Many thanks, but is there a way using a direct CAT connection, without WiFi?

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I can’t see why not, you plug the cable in your laptop and you should be able to configure the ethernet connection as you please in the same way you can with wifi.

I would think so too. The MS Support page shows how to randomize MAC addresses on WiFi only. I’m not seeing any other place. Do you know where I can set it?

You are right, in the advance section of the ethernet network adapter it seems possible to manually change the mac address but not randomized it. You still can spoof it manually though.

Ok, thanks. To manually spoof it, does the spoofed address need to in the usual format (eg, BB-6C-32…) or any number string will do (22-34-89-12…)?

Any number string should be fine

Thanks, appreciate it!