Live USB creator for Android

Does anyone have any suggestions about a Live USB creation app (for Linux) for Android?

Thanks for the suggestion! It does seem to be open source and is additionally on fdroid!

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As long as you put Ventoy on your USB once with any device, you can use that with Android too :slight_smile:

On a similar topic, is there a way to verify GPG signatures on Android?

Open Keychain?

I saw that, but I am not sure whether it had functionality to verify pgp signatures,

Im a bit wary of Ventoy. I cant really recall exactly why but is it a reasonably safe way to boot ISOs?

My gut feel says that this is a “its probably safe to use” but it feels less paranoia to put flash the ISO directly into the “bare metal” of the USB.

What do you fine folks of the forum think?

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I completely agree with you, while it is probably OK, it would seem to just add another layer of trust, so flashing the image to the usb is what i will be doing

Yeah I see what you mean, for me it’s enough because it:

  • is open source
  • supports secure boot
  • is by far the most convenient
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That’s what I ended up doing. It worked OK :slight_smile:

It would still be nice if there was an app that had that functionality though.

this was already shared.

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