Linus and Luke of LTT are planning to try and use Linux again

Talk about linux starts at 3:10.

I really hope that they will pick a good distribution this time that has good Wayland support and doesn’t nuke the whole DE because of a bug, lol.

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I think Pop!_OS would actually fit the bill, given they will be Wayland-only when the next version releases.

I tried installing Fedora WS as recommanded by PG but reinstalled Windows because I didn’t like the following:

  • GNOME: my main issue is with my cloud drive provider whose app only run in the background, with a popup menu. Couldn’t find a way to show the opened app
  • Disk encryption is not as user friendly as bitlocker (full password needed at each startup)
  • Laptop defaults on internal screen on logon screen

Wasn’t that what they did the first time?


Yes, Linus used it and nuked the DE because of a bug. I think it also defaulted to X11, which is complete garbage.

I would be really happy if they would pick openSUSE Aeon, which sadly will not happen… I’ve been using openSUSE Aeon for months, and it’s the best desktop experience I’ve ever had.

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It was what Linus used. Luke used Linux Mint, since that was what he used a long time ago. He had a good time with Mint, though had some initial driver issues with NVIDIA.

Pop!_OS had the dependency issue with Steam and the multilib libraries that caused him to uninstall GNOME desktop in a moment the internet will never forget. As a result, Linus did not have much time to acclimate to Pop!_OS and went with Manjaro next…

I’ve never heard anything bad about Pop!_OS aside from this, and I’ve had a good experience with it over the course of a year. Despite still being on a 22.04 base, it uses an up-to-date kernel. This high severity bug was incredibly poor timing and I don’t think it serves as a statement on the quality of the distribution overall. God knows you could say far worse things about Manjaro.

System76, the company behind the distribution, has been developing their own Wayland-only desktop environment, COSMIC, written entirely in Rust with a Rust-based toolkit with a mind toward memory safety. They’ve been very good about contributing upstream, whether it comes to Wayland Protocols discussions or the iced toolkit, or Relm4 (GTK4 bindings in Rust) back when they were using that.

When COSMIC is out, Pop!_OS would be a great distribution to recommend on paper. It has up-to-date kernels and default Wayland support, with the entire desktop environment written in Rust for memory safety.

Fedora 40 KDE. Please LTT, just go with Fedora 40 KDE.

  • Plasma 6 desktop, with massive improvement in user experience.
  • More familiar to Windows users than GNOME.
  • Easy to install Nvidia drivers, Steam, Chrome, Flathub repo, etc.
  • Up to date software important for gaming (kernel, mesa, OpenRGB, etc.)
  • Broad upstream support second only to Debian/Ubuntu.
  • Uses minimal downstream patches/branding.

Not to mention other things like Fedora’s strong free software policy, security practices, and the Media Writer which makes switching to Fedora super easy.

The only things I would worry about are missing patented media codecs or the learning curve for how to install software (flatpak vs rpm, etc). But this can be addressed with some searching and reading.

If they use Nvidia, I hope they wait until 555 drivers leave beta. Linus seems aware of this in the video. Currently they’re in RPMfusion rawhide.


GNOME is a very skill issued DE, it doesn’t have system tray support which is why you can’t open it.

There is a way to make TPM auto-decrypt the system upon boot.

At least on HDMI, my login screen was mirrored onto the second monitor.

Why not just use ubuntu or fedora or opensuse which are actually well known for hardware and software and supported by a corporation.

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How does Pop!_OS not match those criteria?

While not in X11’s defense, there are still things that aren’t on Wayland.

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