LineageOS (Android ROM)

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I personally think it would be nice to add Lineage as a “in case every other option is not available to you”. So something like a half-endorsement, similar to PG not technically recommending iOS, but leaving safari as a recommendation in case people is on iOS

Difference is that in Apple’s case it’s Browser on OS, and in this case it’s OS on hardware

Splitting this into a new topic so it can be referenced in the future :innocent:

Prior discussion for reference:

Continuing the theme of availability, I think we should consider a tiered recommendation system.

Something like

Use Graphene, if not possible=> Use DOS, if not possible => use Lineage

Graphene is obviously the most secure, but it’s prohibitively expensive to a lot of people

Divest depends on Lineage for support

Lineage may be the least hardened, as it’s effectively AOSP + basic apps. But it’s the most available out of all of them, and arguably far better privacy-wise than OEM ROMs such as OneUI/MIUI/whatever

It’s not like OEM ROMs are in any way hardened, they also a ton of built in apps that have no reason to be part of the system (anyone who has done adb debloating would understand). At the lower end of the market, it’s not like OEM ROMs are updated either, even big vendors such as samsung failed to provide timely update

I would also add that PG already have a “just in case all else fails” tier

Specifically with F-Droid

We only recommend F-Droid as a way to obtain apps which cannot be obtained via the means above

I don’t see how we can’t do the same with lineageOS

Generally I agree with being more wide-reaching with Android OS recommendations, but we have to take into account that the OS somewhat “dictates” how private everything else on the device will be.

Just like you said, OEMs are a good example of this. Your typing won’t be private if GBoard is the included default Keyboard, for instance.