Lets play pros and cons. Discord installed via 3 ways which is better for privacy?

Way1: normal os install. Worst IMO

Way2: webapp ( on linux mint you can create webapps, i assume its a profile specifically created in your browser of choice and only used for the 1 purpose, i.e. discord). I know firefox you can create separate profiles for this without using the ‘webapps’ app.

Way3: flatpak ( linux only). Can use flatseal to restrict access to system.

Way1 is the worst for privacy.
Way2 or 3 i assume better upgrades of privacy.
I dont know which is better 2 or 3. :person_shrugging:

Way4 ? You tell me.

Using alternative is not an option. Must be discord.

Thanks for the read/discussion.

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I used to use webcord. It is basically a webapp with a lot of features!

Tx 4 reply, that github wow. I am more after a discussion in general of the 3 ways. Dont care for the discord app.

I would assume that running Discord as a web app from a privacy-respecting browser is the most private. I assume that the flatpak is as close to running the install as it can get without watching for the invasive tracking that Discord may do. Brave or hardened Firefox would catch those trackers.

It’s an Electron app so it should work similarly across all of those options.

BetterDiscord and use adguard for trackers filtering

With apps like Discord I use Firefox with a container tab, but there is the possibility of of using a docker Discord image instead with Kasmweb – This implies that you selfhost it somewhere.

Can you even use discord in tor and does it have an onion link, it’s the most private that way, ik reddit and twitter has an onion site too.

It’s worth noting that no matter what you do, Discord is fundamentally a privacy nightmare. They collect literally every message sent, all media you send. Absolutely everything they possibly can. I’m saying that as a regular Discord user too as all of my friends use it for communication.

The messages are not e2ee even worse than WhatsApp even with FB.

I think the goal is to contain Discord’s tracking to only itself and not let it get more information on you than what you volunteer. Of course folks should know that anything you do on Discord is tracked by Discord.

BetterDiscord stripped a ton of tracking and the adguard blocks some of the discord apis.

I think the goal is to contain Discord’s tracking to only itself and not let it get more information on you than what you volunteer.

I agee, this is the best you can hope for when using a privacy invasive/exploitive service. The only thing I would add to this is that when it is a messenger or social network or any type of 2 way communications, you can’t just contain it to the “information that you volunteer”, the information that your friends and acquaintances volunteer is a factor as well and that is largely out of your control.

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ok folks, to wrap up.
opensource apps > webapp > flatpak > install

no1 opensource install way ( if you have choice of foss apps i would look to how many contributers, which suggests more eyes on the code, as suppose to no contributors, and only 1 dude doing all the code)

no2 webapps, can isolate trackers in that container

no3 flatpak. can restrict through flatseal but still is a install.

no4 install app. worst case. can use nextdns to restrict some trackers.