IT ministry (of India) looks to block Proton Mail on request of Tamil Nadu police

Alternative write-up : Indian government moves to ban ProtonMail after bomb threat | Android Central

Again, Lazy governements. Instead of dealing with the actual threat, they are just acting on the end messager. Truly still act like a third-world country with their censorship.

Blocking access to Proton is an ineffective and inappropriate response to the reported threats. It will not prevent cybercriminals from sending threats with another email service and will not be effective if the perpetrators are located outside of India,” the company said.

Rightly responded by Proton.

This is bunch of foolish things Indian government tries to do . They probably will backtrack later and won’t ban.

But maybe they use their “Ban” threat to just pressure companies into giving out info easily.
I hope proton doesn’t just agree to give out all info and comply due this “Ban” threat made by a foreign government.

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Yeah, it seems they may just want the originating IP (and maybe other info), which Proton has but won’t easily give citing Swiss laws. The Indians probably just want a more streamlined process, so expediting the process in any way probably can be claimed as a win. The article says they haven’t blocked Proton yet.

Would have expected an announcement of Proton if they were actually blocked, or marked on OONI findings

Indeed, the thing however, if if ProtonMail is in their correct rights to wait for a Swiss request, it’s more an issue with Swiss which doesn’t provide a direct way to request info. Voluntarily or not, Interpol should have explained them. It ain’t ProtonMail fault to abide by law, instead of breaking their own terms.