Is using WhatsApp Web over Tor possible?

I need to use WhatsApp Web over Tor to remain anonymous while texting. Before you ask me why WhatsApp and not some other messaging app, it’s because the people I want to talk to use it and I definitely won’t be able to force them to use any other app. And it’s true that I could use WhatsApp on phone but I highly prefer the web version. It’s so much faster to type on a keyboard than a phone and I will be using it for the next couple of months at least.

When I go to, the website goes into a never-ending refresh seizure, refreshing about 10 times per second. Is this intentional to prevent Tor users from using it? It’s really obnoxious. They could have just made it unavailable on Tor but they chose to do this instead.

My question is: Is it possible to prevent it from refreshing all the time, actually get a chance to scan the QR code from there with my phone and start using it? I could obviously do this on some other browser, but no other browser effectively conceals my IP address as far as I know. And yes, I know that if I will use my phone to make the WhatsApp account and then link it to WhatsApp Web my phone will give me away. That’s why I would use a completely anonymous phone to do this.

Anonymous phone, public wifi to make the WhatsApp account, virtual phone number, Tails on my computer, WhatsApp Web over Tor.

Any ideas on how to make this setup happen? Alternatively, any better setup ideas?

When you log in you’re not anonymous anymore.
Tor is not a magic cloak, it’s a common misconception to believe that using tor makes everything anonymous. If you give away your data over tor, it will not save you.

Please take a moment to read some infos on the tor project website

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What would deanonymize me upon logging in? If I am trying to remain anonymous, I am obviously not going to share any personal information in my WhatsApp conversations.

Like your phone number?

Why do you even bother responding if you didn’t read my post? I said I am going to use a virtual phone number.

My bad, I missed that detail.

That seems to happen in regular Firefox too, I don’t think it’s a Tor issue.