Is there a FOSS counterpart to MDAG on Linux?

During my time on Windows, I’ve used Microsoft Defender Application Guard (MDAG) when doing something particularly risky with an application, in my case, it was using Microsoft Edge in combination with strict tracking prevention and strict enhanced security mode enabled. I’m wondering if there is anything similar for Linux, particularly Fedora. If not, what would be the next best thing for me? I’d need something that is reasonably secure but also easy to use, light on system resources, and maintains decent performance.

On Windows, I’ve only used MDAG for secure browsing with Edge, and while I’m still interested in replicating something similar to that, I think I’d also like to try to do things a little differently now. I’d still like to use a browser, but I think I might also like to store files, open/modify documents, and play media files, preferably with the option of encrypting everything. I’m guessing that would require me to set up something close to a fully-fledged system, but I have no clue which hypervisor and operating system I should use. Again, I’d like to avoid running a typical fully-fledged desktop operating system such as Fedora Silverblue, as that would use up a lot of system resources and probably impact performance. Instead, I’d like to try to find a balance between security, performance/efficiency, and ease of use if possible.