Is Proton Pass available outside Play Store?

I’m getting really fed up with Proton because of their dependence on Google.

Proton Mail you can obtain through GitHub and use Obtainium with it, but the notifications will not work because they rely on Google for that.

Proton Drive can only be obtained from, and if you want to use Obtainium, you will have to resort to web scraping. The same goes for the Proton Calendar.

Now for the worst of the worst: Proton Pass. You can’t officially obtain Proton Pass outside of the Play Store from anywhere.

Is there any known way to obtain the Proton Pass app securely? If not, then I will just ditch Proton and submit a refund request.

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Proton Apps are available on “” Select the app and then Download. There will be a link to download apk’s directly.

Here is the link to Proton Password: