Is Java spyware?

Hey there, I would like to use Java, however only if it’s genuinely safe to use and doesn’t have many trackers and spyware. I tried using Open JDK but it only supports Java 22 Dev Kit and I need Java 8 so it seems going to their official website to download the proprietary version is the only way? Thanks for any help you may provide.

Are you asking if a well known and used programming language is spyware?? To that, i would have to say no. Also, OpenJDK has older releases including for JAVA 8. I dont think that OpenJDK themselves releases binaries to download (dont quote me on that though)… So you might need to go to an alternate site to get downloads or if on linux, use your package manager. See this page OpenJDK - Wikipedia


I would recommend Adoptium Temurin for easy to install openjdk binaries

Its a tool to program but as with other tools, safety depends largely depends on your programming best practices. Maybe you want a memory safe language? Rust seems to be popular these days.

I think thats on you to check what libraries you use (if they have trackers) and if you are respectful in asking for telemetry.

Otherwise, language is language? Maybe the IDE you are using have trackers and maybe use OpenSpurce ones?

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