Is it possible to try Oblivious HTTP (oHTTP) today?

I’ve become increasingly interested in Oblivious HTTP (OHTTP) and Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS (ODoH) and I am wondering if there is a way to test this today with Firefox (or any other browser).

It appears some relevant options have been exposed in Firefox’s about:config settings:

I’m not positive but I believe that these settings are only for DNS over oHTTP (sometimes called: DoOH (“Dns over oblivious http”)), which I think is either a successor to or a renaming of ODoH, not a fully fledged implementation of OHTTP.

Does anyone know if there is a way to test Oblivious HTTP in the wild today (excluding Apple’s private relay if that counts)?

Bonus question, does anyone know of any ODoH compatible DNS providers apart from Cloudflare?


  1. Built for Privacy: Oblivious HTTP – Mozilla Dist://ed Blog
  2. Stronger than a Promise: Proving Oblivious HTTP Privacy Properties – Cloudflare Blog
  3. RFC 9458: Oblivious HTTP – M. Thomson (Mozilla) & C. A. Wood (Cloudflare)

It looks like cloudflare offers a way to test ODoH and is planning on implementing it into cloudflared.

There is also this I found about setting up a local OHTTP Gateway.

I don’t see much else, outside of cloudflare, other then Googles FLEDGE.

For a short while, Cloudflare, Mozilla and a dutch company offered a functional (test?) implementation of ODoH but as best I can tell those settings have been removed from Firefox (or renamed) possibly to make way for OHTTP or possibly unrealted to that.

Your second link looks interesting, and gives me a bit more to look into. I think that that blogpost is written by someone who either works for Mozilla or is involved with FF development informally.

I think your right as his Mastodon seems to confirm it.