Is it better to keep an unused account, or delete it?

I had a Linkedin account, now deleted, that I never used for anything, like ever. But since I don’t know how Linkedin works, I’m afraid that deleting it simply took away my access to the account, but isn’t preventing other Linkedin users from viewing my content, name , resume, etc. Did I do the right choice?

Also, what are use cases where keeping the account and not use it, is better than deleting it?

You could easily answer your concerns by searching what deleting actually does which is usually stated at the site’s FAQs and/or before deleting the account.

Neither way, it doesn’t make sense for a social media about job networking to keep ghost CV of people who would never respond to recruiters when they contact them. So it is safe to assume they delete it or at least hide it.

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That can be true. But at the same moment, due to the fact that social media like “data”, then you can assume they still have it somewhere. It’s not easily accessible, but is somewhere. I mean, you can write anything in the policy.

Nothing stops you from requesting it, and after the information they provide you can decide to execute your right to be forgotten. Of course if you are EEA citizen and fall under GDPR or under CCPA, if not, then you should check your local laws.

The solution here is to change as much data as you can to false data then delete your account.


If you have deleted your account but your spouse keeps taking photos of you together and has an active account on the social media, are you ever really deleted?

It makes sense to delete for singles, couples may not be practical, especially if one partner refuses to cleanup privacy.