Is it better advised to use a cloud based or a local password manager?

My main concern with using a cloud based password manager is that if I want to compartmentalize two devices away from each other and I’m using a cloud based password manager, wouldn’t this make it so that my password manager now contains my passwords for both my devices, linking them together?

I’ve also seen that another important feature of a cloud based password manager, is that since it’s on a cloud, if I was to lose my device I’d still have access to it, whereas with a local password manager I’d lose access. However, what if I was to store an encrypted backup of my local password manager on an encrypted cloud drive?

My problem with using a cloud based password manager as well, is that I have to sign up with an email account. Since I can’t contain the password of this email account inside the password manager as it’s the email behind the password manager, this would cause me to have too many passwords to remember, as I would have to remember the password for the email account and the password manager itself.

On second thought though, having a local password manager stored on a cloud drive would mean I’d have to remember the passwords for the password manager and the cloud drive, so this is equal to the amount of passwords I’d have to remember for the cloud based password manager, being 2.

So I guess this narrows my question down to: is it safer to use a password manager that is cloud based by default, or to have a local password manager stored as an encrypted file on an encrypted cloud drive? Thanks

Up to your personal needs and concerns but any competent cloud password manager, like bitwarden, encrypts on the device before sending to the servers. You could always backup your passwords to a file compatible with keepass.


I see, thank you for clarifying. I think I’ll stick with a local password manager.