Is exporting passwords from LastPass to the DuckDuckGo mac app a good or bad idea?

DuckDuckGo has a new desktop app for browsing. I currently use LastPass for password management and Firefox for browsing. I’m interested in switching to the DDG desktop app, and you can export your passwords from LP to the desktop app, but is this a bad idea? I trust LP to guard all my passwords, but idk if DDG has the same levels of security.

The DDG desktop app has native Bitwarden integration. It’s more recommended to use that over the built-in DDG password manager, as Bitwarden has more features and full cross-platform compatibility, in addition to being more secure and having undergone multiple security audits.

Is it worth exporting your passwords from LastPass to Bitwarden? 100%. Bitwarden is a much better password manager and a lot better value.


I agree, do you have a reason to use LastPass as your password manager rather than Bitwarden?

If you import your passwords to DDG, you’d essentially have two password managers since it wouldn’t sync back to LP. Thus, if you’re going to end up switching passwords regardless, it makes more sense to switch to Bitwarden, which works with DDG and is cross-platform, instead of DDG, which will lock you in to using just the DDG browser.

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To add onto this, if you were for example already using Bitwarden instead of LastPass in Firefox and wanted to move to DDG as a browser, you wouldn’t have had to changed anything since Bitwarden is already available in the DDG browser.

Bitwarden also supports Duck aliasing among other aliasing providers, so it’s very well integrated with the DDG ecosystem.

Correction: It looks like Bitwarden integration with the DDG browser isn’t live yet and will be made available “in the coming weeks”.

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Personally I wouldn’t move to DDG, I’d just move to Bitwarden over LastPass or DDG. I also wouldn’t move to the DDG desktop browser and either stick with FF or go to Brave (i know you didn’t ask about that though lol)