Introducing Blockcrypt, an encryption scheme with plausible deniability by design

Blockcrypt is a tool that encrypts secrets, from which you can turn into a QR code to keep with you physically as backup or otherwise. The QR code is encrypted and can hold up to four secrets by default.

The creator of Blockcrypt (Sun Knudsen) is calling for people to review the code, audit it, scrutinize it, contribute to it, etc. I gladly spread the word, as I think it’s an interesting project and concept. It’s currently in the beta phase according to the GitHub repository. I strongly urge people to look into it and, if you have the technical know-how, audit it if not contribute to it. I also urge you guys to spread the word if you’re interested in it.

I have no relation to this project or the creator.

Edit: I think the QR code aspect of Blockcrypt I mentioned is actually for his other project Superbacked. I am not 100% sure if this is possible or impossible with Blockcrypt alone. Feel free to correct me.


Both of these are quite interesting. Thank you for sharing!