Inquiry on setting machine-id value in Fedora


I followed the privacy tweaks, but once the machine id was changed, it caused a double entry for safe mode in the grub menu when the computer is first booted. One entry for the original machine-id and one entry for the new machine-id. Was there a specific way I’m supposed to modify this value?

/etc/machine-id (that’s its location on every distro I’ve tried) is just a plaintext file containing one value on a single line. I use the following command to replace it with the Whonix generic ID.

echo ‘b08dfa6083e7567a1921a715000001fb’ | sudo tee /etc/machine-id

echo displays a string and sends it to stdout. | sudo tee reads from stdout and, as a superuser, overwrites the designated file with the contents of stdout

I just manually opened the file using nano and deleted the original value and replaced it with the Whonix generic ID. Would there be any real difference between what I did and what you did?

Nope, those are both simply editing the file to replace the value.

Is there a way to fix the double values in the GRUB menu? I was thinking of using the grubby tool, but wasn’t 100% sure of which one to remove.