Importing Passkeys and File attachments from 1Pass


does anyone know how to import passkeys and file attachments from 1Password to Bitwarden and Proton Pass?

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You have to move file attachments manually and passkeys cannot be exported at all at the moment, so you would have to create new passkeys with Bitwarden/Proton Pass.

Hmm, that means I have to continue to use to 1Pass :frowning:

hey how to do that, which button on bitwarden "creates " the passkey, can’t find

wait ohhh have to install beta, yukkk, beta only available through play store… ahhhhh, does bitwarden has an f-droid repo for betas…¿ izzy can help me???

No. The only way to get the beta version for Android is through Play Store.

Bumping my old post. Did anyone find a solution for this?