How to protect my android phone from theft?

I need a guide of how to protect my phone from theft cause i was that kind of a maximum protection from everything except theft and i don’t know how to deal with it, Btw iam using Orbot so the location of my phone won’t be the real one, So what to do in that kind of situation???

  1. “Maximum protection” isn’t a threat model; what are you actually trying to protect from? what is a real threat you expect to encounter when it comes to phone theft?
  2. Using orbot does not hide your phone’s location, what it helps with is making your browsing more anonymous; whatever cell towers you’re connecting to can be used by the carrier or a state actor to triangulate your location, Tor or not

Device encryption is your only protection from theft. If its hard to brute force your PIN/Password, the better it is

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Good luck protecting yourself against theft by a group of professionals:

Awareness and caution are your friends.