How to encrypt a PDF file for email

As the title says and which software does everyone recommend if your email provider is Microsoft?


I used to use Peazip but its weird that I dont see it know. Recently I use Picocrypt


Thank you!

Somehow I remember Peazip being in the recommended software in the PG site (maybe it was in the PT days?).

Anyway, Picocrypt is recommended. Its what I would use, but my usage scenario has changed and allowed me to use a veracrypt container instead.

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There were a heap of archive tools there which aren’t really encryption tools.

They did specifically ask about PDF, you could use acrobat to password it I guess. Acrobat does have a fully featured 7 day trial, which you can always not register if you don’t plan on doing it a lot. It also works just fine in a VM.


that’s proprietary though

hence just use picocrypt or one of the other PG recommended encryption tools.


If you’re sending the document to someone else though you might not want them to have to install anything.

Evince can decrypt passworded PDFs, so I assume other readers can too.