How to create automatic backups for Aegis on Proton Drive for a noob user

May be really dumb here but when selecting a directory for the backup, I can’t seem to navigate outside of just the internal storage.

That is normal, as app-provided storage media (e.g ProtonDrive) isn’t supposed to be accessible from within other apps except the default file manager as it is considered App-Private-Data.

Additionally, nobody has made a solution that can automatically sync a local folder with a remote one on Proton Drive, so you’re essentially out of luck.

Gotcha, thanks. I’ll stick to manual then.

you could sync a folder where aegis is to a pc with syncthing at least. So there is always 2 copies and manually uploaded to proton drive once in a while.

This is a limitation in the proton app that doesnt allow to save directly to it from the files integration. With nextcloud this was actually possible.

The above answers are incomplete. You can set an export directory in Aegis and this could definitely be to a directory outside the app scope. I always did backups directly to nextcloud without any issues.

As part of the default file picker - powered by the default files app