How is QubesOS as a desktop OS? Is it especially taxing and is it similar to using VMs on a traditional OS?

I am finally getting the opportunity to nuke my Windows install again, and considering the time I will have in the next few weeks because of Christmas, I was wondering if I should consider trying Qubes out.

Problem I have though is that it’s based on virtualization, so it seems like the experience would be as if I was using a VM, which I really did not like based on past experience.

Additionally, the recommended spec sheet is very heavy, and while my laptop has more than the minimum requirements, it tends to run a bit hot if it starts doing anything heavy.

It’s disappointing because I am interested in trying it out, but it feels like it’ll just be a substandard experience for me that’s not really worth it compared to a regular Linux distro.

I have been daily driving Qubes for 6 months now, it’s not the different from traditional Linux.

You can pretty much forget about playing any games, GPU pass through does work, you need 2 graphics cards and dedicated display or KVM switch.

I was using Ubuntu before I switched to Qubes, and it took me around 2 weeks before I was able to to all the same things I used to do.

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IIRC all performance optimizations are off in favor of safety.

The model of protecting the computer machine from unauthorized users is flipped in QubesOS: The user is trusted and the machine is distrusted with the assumption that attacks will come in from the computer. This is for when nation states will sizable budgets are after you…

This is nonsense. Follow up discussion at preferred.

I followed the link and it doesnt really have any meaningful content.

So what is the proper elevator pitch and if you trust your computer, why do you layer VMs as a design?

I saw one person say things about flexibility but isnt dual booting more flexible? The only way you can sell me nested VMs and its slow speed is I get an actual benefit from it, specifically heightened security and the privacy that stems from it.

EDIT: Hang on, its a 93 post thread… maybe I will get something in this rabbit hole.

People literally missed the point of the elevator pitch - if I am going out on the next floor, you would lose me with your multi-bulleted listicles. An elevator pitch is literally just a short sentence to catch people in a hurry instead of reading about broken eggs on an elevator (which was actually fun read :grin:)

EDIT: Gave up on post 20/93 as I have other stuff to do for the day. Maybe I will revisit again some time.

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Sorry. I should have started with something more like BEBF738VD did at the end of this post (but out of respect for you and the audience I was unnecessarily obtuse, again my apologies):

“…you may benefit from reading the introduction: Introduction | Qubes OS

Furthermore, many questions can be answered by reading the documentation: Documentation | Qubes OS

Extra how-to guides are found in the appropriate section: Guides - Qubes OS Forum

I hope so. Did not mean to waste your time.

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Edit: @HauntSanctuary would :heart: to see you, and other interested people, join the “qubes community”. Using Qubes OS is not required (constructive criticism is appreciated).

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