How do I Create my own Threat model?

I still have no threat model for me. I just do or use what is best for my Privacy. I think the idea of Privacy from Big tech, etc. is making me not good in my Real life.

So, defining a threat model for my Own could help solve this.

I don’t like reading post but rather something else.

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I found opsec101 the interesting to read and easiest to understand.

If you are not a reading type, techlore’s video on threat model is also good.

(PG also have a guide on threat modelling. imho it is confusing and hard to comprehend.)


I will check out all the resources.

Should I consider the Future too when creating one ?

I would focus on the present to keep things simple, but there is nothing wrong with keeping the future in mind.
So, it is up to you.

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Great article you recommended.
Finally found a way to explain this to other people. This is even better than I thought it would be.