How can I get my Roblox account deleted without giving them my ID?

I emailed Roblox for the deletion of an account, and recieved an email regarding it a couple of days later. They have disabled the account but not deleted it, and are asking for my ID for my account to be deleted, which i don’t want to give to some random website. So i decided to let it sit with no replies until theyve emailed me again about it earlier today.

After looking around online, i found a website called which seemed helpful at first, however as I am Turkish I cannot use anything from that website, as my country uses the KVKK.
How can I get them to delete my account without my ID?

The following is the email I recieved:

"Thank you for verifying account ownership. The account has now been deactivated and closed from access on Roblox.

Please note: Once a right to be forgotten request has been initiated, the data erasure is permanent and cannot be reversed.

To confirm you are based in a jurisdiction that provides privacy rights and to protect the privacy and safety of our users, please visit the following link to confirm your real life identity:

[ID Verification]

Roblox has partnered with Persona, a third-party service provider, to verify the identity of account owners who wish to process Data Privacy requests. Please note that a government-issued ID is required to upload for verification. For additional information on Persona’s data privacy practices, please see our ID Verification FAQs and Persona’s Privacy Policy.

Once you have completed this process, please reply to this email to confirm."

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I have deleted many accounts, with that being said change all of your details, username, password, date of birth, email (use an email alias or temp mail), phone number (if they force you, make one that fits the valid rules for a phone number e.g., 0412345678), give them fake details.

Get ChatGPT to write you these emails, they sound more professional and intimidating, as if a lawyer wrote them for you.

Step 2: be happy!

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The account is already disabled, i dont think i can log back into it now. The idea of changing my email adress and passwords to something else only crossed my mind when i got the email back from them
But how do I tell them the different ID details? They specifically send you a session of persona for you to take a picture of your ID
I dont know if its possible for me to reactivate my account and sign up for its deletion again though, i want to delete it for good since if i do that itll also disappear completely along with all its details
Im wondering if theres an article in KYKK about it just like how GDPR has something for it, but i cant find a recent document detailing KYKK

Update, i have sent them an email after I found a similar article, being article 11 in KVKK. They refused to delete my account. How can I get the account deleted?
EDIT: Decided to remove the email I recieved, just in case

I’ll be honest with you:

I’ve deleted Roblox accounts before through their process, but just never provided the ID and ignored the form when they asked, and it appears that the accounts and data is still deleted. YMMV. :woman_shrugging:

Did they not ask you for the ID? for me, i sent them the request in their website and shortly after that I got an email saying how I have to reply to them with the email associated and consent to the account being deleted. After I did that, a few days passed and I got an email saying that the account was deactivated, not deleted. If I wanted to delete it from their systems I had to give them my ID to “verify ownership”. I them emailed them about article 11 in KVKK as ive mentioned here, and got the response I have sent here.

They did ask for my ID, and I just ignored it and didn’t give them it.

Glad you mentioned this, I just searched through my old emails to confirm what they said, and they did just say it was “deactivated”. I must’ve missed that at the time.

I’m really not sure then honestly how to delete it without giving ID. :thinking:

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Deactivated means you can still log back into it (although youll be greeted with an account deleted page) and its still in Roblox’ database. To delete it from there as well, you have to provide said ID.
From what Ive seen online, if you are from the EU you are protected under GDPR and can just say you dont want to give them your ID, and they still delete it. But for countries that dont have it, its a bit more arduous.
Even though KVKK’s article 11 is very similar to GDPR’s article 7 a.k.a “right to forget”, they still denied my request of deleting the account.
Ive emailed them again, claiming they didnt take KVKK into account, waiting to see what they reply with now

Good news! I got another email not too long ago from Roblox, stating that the “ownership and location of my account has been verified separately” (which is an interesting way to put legal obligation) and they are going through with my request! I will also be notified when the request is complete, which is rather nice. Hoping the other account I have doesnt get affected by it.
To all who end up here, KVKK’s article 11 is nearly identical to GDPR’s article 7, and can be used interchangeably if you are from Turkey.

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