Help me! My job company will keep my faceprint in their "unsafe" database, What to do?

I am working in a company that want to scan our faces to keep make it our daily attendance proof and this company had a data breach two months ago or more, So what should i do now??

P.s they don’t care about privacy and they just don’t listen and i can’t leave my job cause their is no available jobs in my country.

talked to HR about how uncomfortable you are and see if there are any alternatives.

In the end, if you are not willing to quit over it they hold all the leverage.


If this is a legal issue - we can’t help you with that.
If your company isn’t listening to the privacy concerns of their employees - we also cannot help you with that.

You can quit, you can organize resistance with your co-workers or you can live with it.


@Parish2555 @Valynor I am looking for something like faking my face print or something idk, But in my country it is legal and their is nothing like standing against this kind of taking our faces like that, I really don’t know what to do.

I am not sure how well they work but there is clothing out there that is supposed to “confuse” facial recognition.

My guess is this would just annoy your employer and you would either be forced to wear something else and try again or quit.

Do you consider fingerprint scanning as less invasive? Matbr you can convince your HR to use those instead?

At least it will be harder to steal your likeness and use in fake ID?

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